citizen journalism

streaming and broadcasting of particular events for different types of users

who are Erik, Beth and Carolina?

Erik is a 22 years old Communication student. He uses the media archive to check quality news for university essays and projects. He uses Helios frequently to comment current events with people who are in the place of the facts. He usually broadcasts the events he attends and shares the pieces through Helios. He runs the Madrid Benefit  Marathon every year.

Beth is a 40 years old professional journalist part of the Madrid Benefit Marathon communication team. She shoots, take pictures and edits videos of the event and then uploads them to both media archives and Helios.

Carolina is a 30 years old lawyer and a big fan of the Madrid Benefit Marathon. Although she was born and raised in Madrid, currently she lives in Fribourg. She feels nostalgic because this year she won’t make it to the Marathon and uses Helios to follow it in live.

how are Erik, Beth and Carolina using Citizen Journalism?

The characters have downloaded Citizen Journalism and activated their profiles by setting privacy policies for the data they want to share. It learns from their routines as some places they visit are equipped with smart sensors and GPS location.

The day of the Madrid Benefit Marathon, Erik sets up his smartphone camera and he broadcasts what is happening to the users he has defined; Beth takes pictures of the Marathon from Press Box and has special focus on the celebrities participating on the run; and Carolina that is at her home receives a pop-up notification about the Marathon starting, she turns on her Smart TV connected to the it and watches it while having breakfast.

Erik reads some of the comments users are making of his broadcast on his smartwatch, and meanwhile he notices that Justin Bieber is running close to him so he runs quickly to run by his side. Beth is on her scooter on a side to take pictures of different moments of the marathon, and she sends the content to her team for editing before uploading it in the media archive.

Carolina is following the Marathon through Erik’s streaming broadcast and comments about Justin Bieber while talking to other marathon fans abroad. At the end of the run Beth is streaming through the HApp the interviews with some participants. Erik finishes the Marathon next to Justin Bieber and he agrees to do an interview for him.

Erik arrives home, edits the interview and uploads it in pay-per-view on the media archive. Immediately he gets an offer from a major media outlet for the exclusive of the video.

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