cultural hub

linking people based on attendance to cultural events while providing enhanced experiences

who are Anthony and Nate?

Anthony and Nate are a couple that met at college, in an art school. They live together, share many cultural interests, and are always up to discovering and enjoying new art events. A nice evening for them would be spending some hours visiting an exhibition while sharing thoughts and learning new things. Even though they share nearly all artistic knowledge with each other they sometimes feel like it would be nice to have access to other people’s point of view and knowledge. The Cultural Hub HApp gives them the opportunity to get to know people with the same interests as them, in a contextualized manner, to share a cultural experience together, and also to get access to premium, site-specific content from cultural centers. Helios provides the possibility to make appointments in order to attend a cultural event together with new friends, and to comment on it afterwards.

how are Anthony and Nate using the Cultural Hub?

They have downloaded the app and activated their profiles by setting privacy policies for the data they will share. The app learns from their routines as some places they visit are equipped with smart sensors. One day, Anthony finds through the app that a new art gallery is opening close to Nate’s workplace, and they decide to go on their private chat.

Once they arrive, the Gallery app sends them a privacy warning, and if accepted, the app downloads to their Android smartphones information about the exhibition such as audio guides, Augmented Reality experiences, links to albums and films related to the exhibition, among others. In addition, the HApp also offers some “premium content” created by experts and offered in exchange for payments through the app.

They begin to see the different artworks displayed, and every time they get in front of one, the Cultural Hub activates through a beacon placed nearby to share an explanation about the piece on their phones, and offers the possibility to access the premium content. In front of one of the sculptures, Nate gets a notification about Augmented Reality digital layer the artist built over his work and that he can see on with his device. He really likes the content and the experience provided by the app so he leaves a comment which is analysed using sentiment analysis, and then the emotional score of the Augmented Reality content is updated based on his experience and comment.

Lyanna is also visiting the exhibition and based on their proximity, their interest, the comments made during the exhibition, and the sentiment, the app presumes a high level of trust between them so automatically sends a proposal to connect them. Once this is accepted by both Lyanna and Nate, they can start a private chat or a public forum in this context. In this case they agree on a private chat to visit another museum next week.

Anthony wasn’t able to join them because of his broken leg, so Nate and Lyanna share pictures, videos and contextual content with him, and he also receives an invitation to visit the exhibition virtually with his Virtual Reality device. The app detects positive emotional interaction, increasing the trust score among them, and they start growing their network with people having the same interests.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N° 825585