helios challenge

What is HELIOS Challenge?

The challenge consists of developing a novel social media application for Android, presenting it and demonstrating the operation in a short video. Source codes of the application must be provided to the Review Board for validation.

The application must be built using HELIOS Platform tools.

Who is organizing this challenge?

This challenge is organized by the project HELIOS, funded by the European Commission programme Horizon 2020, under grant 825585. The project has developed tools for a technical platform to create for Peer-to-Peer social media services. The tools do not only contain basic messaging, but also other features like communication in contexts, information overload prevention, feedback and rewarding. There are optional modules available in the tools.

Project partners behind the challenge are VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (coord.), Atos, the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas – CERTH, Trinity College Dublin, University of Helsinki, University of Pisa. The Review Board will include representatives from these institutions.


We are expecting teams of 2-4 people, without limitation in size.

For participation, the following data should be provided by email to challenge@helios-social.eu:

  • Basic information (in registration)
    • the initial name of the proposal
    • names and contact information of the team members
  • Introduction (by October 15th EoB)
    • introductory video presentation, max 5 minutes
    • proposed end-user group (optional)
  • Submission (by October 20th EoB)
    • the APP as Android APK
    • phone models and Android versions used in testing the APP
    • list of HELIOS modules used
    • source code as a zip file

We will announce the winners publicly by October 29th EoB.


The Review Board will rank the applications.

The criteria will be as follows:

  • concept*, based on the APP and the video (40%)
  • implementation quality** (30%)
  • documentation*** (20%)
  • number of HELIOS modules used in the application (10%)

*The Review Board reserves an option to present the provided material to a focus group. The focus groups represent the end-user group proposed by the team whenever applicable.

**As a minimum, the APP must be operational and enable communications between at least two Android devices using HELIOS APIs.

***As a minimum, the documentation must provide instructions, how to build the APK from the provided source codes.


HELIOS will provide sample applications with source codes and build instructions, related documentation video lectures. We also will arrange Q&A sessions with topical introductions. These will be available throughout the competition.

Details about the proposed applications

The official language for HELIOS Challenge is English.

Instructions for sending large files will be provided separately.

Example ideas

A list of possible apps has been prepared by Escola Massana.


The winning team will receive 1500 euros, the second team 500 euros and the third team 300 euros.

In addition, members of these three teams will receive personal diplomas signed and stamped by the organizers.