Conference Paper: “Social networks, challenges, concerns and youth. HELIOS use cases”

David Hernandez, Andreu Belsunces, Kevin Koidl

V International Congress on Communication and Youth
April 1-3, 2020

Full article

Paper available for download in November 2020


This paper aims to show the creative process developed during the conceptualization work of a new social network model developed in the context of the European HELIOS project. It is a peer-to-peer social platform, decentralized, contextual and based on trust.

Both the objectives of the platform and the concerns that emerged during the co-creation process – led by young design students – allow us to draw a panorama of critical arguments with which to define the future challenges of social media.

Article construction rebuilds the creative process of formalizing use cases for the platform. In this process, two methodological characteristics stand out that incorporates an innovative approach to social media. On the one hand, the creation process has been energized by speculative design work and fictions of future uses of social networks. On the other hand, the process has iteratively incorporated the technical response provided by the project developers, thus addressing a participatory process of co-creation of future usage scenarios.

The result of this process is a set of case studies that stand out for the identification of social concerns and possibilities for significant human relationships in a post-human technological context. Relations between people are not the only protagonists in the new social context, but include interaction with intelligent spaces and objects, as well as with the content generated by the users themselves.

The final catalogue of use cases allows listing, making visible and analyzing not only the functionalities that young people project on future social networks but also the concerns that limit their confidence in technology and the ethical and social values ??of new media.