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Paper Accepted: “A multilayer social overlay for new generation DOSNs”

The envision of a Next Generation Internet focused on people is the main topic of the new generation of Decentralized Online Social Networks, which considers the main characteristics of the previous generations.

The authors Barbara Guidi and Andrea Michienzi from Universitá di Pisa (UNIPI), and Kristina Kapanova and Kevin Koidl from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), present a new idea to model a multi-layer P2P Social Overlay which considers different actors and relationships to be included in smart environments. It is organized in layers, where one layer represents a specific social context of the peer it models.

The paper provides a formal definition of the Heterogeneous Social Network and we show how it works in a general scenario.

The paper will be presented at the event GOODTECHS 2019 – 5th International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good, which will take place in from the 25th to the 27th of September in Valencia, Spain.