WorldCon 2019


The 77th World Science Fiction Convention will be hosted in Dublin and researchers from the ADAPT Centre, a world-leading SFI research centre, will take part in a range of panels, workshops and talks around the topic of AI. For years science fiction writers have been writing about the repercussions of AI gone awry but what is the truth when it comes to artificial intelligence and where can we separate science fiction from fact? The academic track at WorldCon 2019, rather than trying to separate fact from fiction, will explore how they can learn from each other to predict the direction of AI.

Dr Kevin Koidl of ADAPT, and part of the HELIOS Consortium, explored how technology could change the nature of relationships. In a debate titled ‘Would you swap your partner with a Robot designed to be ‘the one’?’, Dr Koidl will explore the very nature of the relationships we form nowadays with the presence of technology and social networks in our lives.